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What Is My Steam ID And How to Find It

When you change your display name on Steam, you can choose a different name even if someone else is already using that name. Thanks to Steam’s ID

How to Redeem Codes on Steam

The fact that you can purchase codes and gift cards for those who already use steam makes it a valuable asset for many people. Not only does this make

How to Share Games on Steam

It's simple to accumulate a large number of games on Steam. And you, being the generous individual you are, want to provide those games to your family

How to Appear Offline on Steam – Guide

Steam is a leading digital distribution platform for PC gaming, offering an extensive catalog of games, as well as community-based features. Valve's

How to Add Bluetooth to A PC

Early iterations of Bluetooth were rudimentary and impractical for everyday consumers, but the technology has since evolved and become a staple for

How to Turn Off Xbox Controller on PC

Since the release of the Xbox 360, Microsoft has made it possible to use Xbox controllers on PC. Thanks to the high-quality construction and versatile

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook

No matter what laptop you have, apps are always an essential part of the experience. This is especially true for Chromebooks, where there are a wide

How to Split Screen on Chromebook

On a Chromebook, split-screen effectively means putting two apps beside one another. By doing so, you have several benefits. Using a virtual clipboard

How to Run Android Apps on Windows 11

Until recently, running Android apps on your PC required the use of an emulator.  The release of Windows 11 brought with it the Windows Subsystem for

How to Connect AirPods to a Chromebook

Chromebooks are unique laptops that offer a practical alternative to traditional computers. Because they are designed to be simple to use, they have

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